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What We Do

At 1120 Distributing We Are Here for You.

At 1120 Distributing We Are Here for You!

Our large inventory and knowledgeable sales staff can help businesses get the product they need quickly. With locations across the U.S. you can count on 1120’s experts to follow through and do what they say. We value our customers and our team has the skills to troubleshoot problems and solve them more efficiently than any of our competitors.

Rapid Growth Toward Industry Leadership

Our company started out of a simple garage and has grown exponentially. As we celebrate our 7th anniversary of being in business, we see each milestone as a critical part of becoming a top notch distributor. This immense progress has been made possible through our team members, our dealers, and our suppliers. With their trust, continued partnership and support we have redefined the markets in which we deal.

Service Like No Other

We offer a full range of services to support our dealers including the ability to test the quality of new products at our installation shop. Our drop ship program allows our staff to promptly ship our customer’s orders. Our low prices ensure maximum profitability for dealers and enables them to pass on the savings to their customers as well. Our company has been rapidly growing since day one thanks to our motivated and dedicated employees. They are responsible for the delivery of excellent customer service in all areas.

Delivering Quality and Ease

We look forward to the next stage in our company’s growth as we continue to expand our distribution across America. Please contact us with any queries you may have regarding the brands we carry. We value your opinions and are responsive to the feedback you provide. If you have suggestions we are open to them so feel free to send them to sales@1120distributing.com