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Dealer Documents

United States Retailers:

1120 Distributing is very strict in approving new dealer accounts. We only add Businesses that have been operational for at least 2 years. This is because our teams work hard to add and maintain Quality manufacturers for already established Dealerships and shops that have been doing business with us for long long time. We strive hard to maintain our relationship with all the manufacturers we represent. Our sales and IT teams work hard 24/7 to strictly implement all technologies to make sure none of our Dealers are violating any of the policies 1120 Distributing stand by.

The following documents are required to be considered for an account with 1120 Distributing:

  • A completed and signed 1120 Distributing Dealer Application ( Missing lines can delay the process).
  • Images showing evidence of owning a retail store which include:
    • A storefront which includes sign and hours of operation.
    • Your retail sales floor.
    • If you have online presence, we would require all DBA’s of your company.
    • Provide images of your commercial location as well as your workshop.
    • Your store service area and your main contact details
    • Number of employees
  • A copy of your reseller’s permit or state issued resale tax paperwork (this varies from state to state).
  • Please be accurate as our sales reps will visit your location prior to authorization of any dealer accounts

All applicants must have a brick-and-mortar retail store for providing customers with sales during business hours. Different Terms and Conditions Apply for E-commerce Dealers. Please email accounts@1120distirbuting.com.

Documents Area

  • A completed and signed 1120distributing Dealer Application
  • A Certificate of Liability Insurance with 1120distributing listed as a Distributor. 1120 Distributing does not have to be additionally insured on your policy just as a holder.
  • A copy of your reseller’s permit or state issued resale tax paperwork (this varies from state to state)
  • Pictures of your mobile repair vehicle that include:
    • Vehicle must be wrapped or painted with company logos, contact information and hours of operation.
    • Your vehicle must contain a  repair station capable of completing a full bike and can tow vehicles in all weather conditions

A commercial shipping location owned, leased, or rented by the company applying for a 1120 Distributing account.