Although it’s technically labeled as a concept, Winnebago’s new e-RV looks like it’s ready to hit the open road on the way to a campground near you. And we mean that literally, since the e-RV can achieve a quoted range of 125 miles per charge. Even if that means buyers wouldn’t be criss-crossing the country in this electric recreational vehicle, Winnebago’s research suggests the range would work for a slim majority of new RV buyers, 54% of whom apparently say they prefer to make trips below 200 miles. Furthermore, less than one-third of new RV owners took trips longer than 300 miles.

Built atop the well-known Ford Transit chassis, the e-RV is assembled with eco-friendly materials where possible, including appliances — including an induction cooktop, refrigerator, water heater and air conditioner — that are reportedly optimized for energy usage. Naturally, there are also customizable sleeping, sitting and eating quarters onboard.

An 86-kilowatt-hour battery pack can be recharged in as little as 45 minutes, though slower-charging options, like what may be available at a campground, are also possible. There aren’t any other specifications, so we don’t know how much power the e-RV offers or if it can tow anything. But since this isn’t yet a production vehicle, we’d imagine those details are still being worked out. Even better, Winnebago says that “evolving battery technology and applications continue to drive capabilities and mileage range increases are anticipated as the concept vehicle further develops.” In other words, stay tuned.