About the Tuff truck Bag

1120 Distributing Now has partnered with TuffTruckBag, we are now stocking Tufftruck bag products. For more information and to ask about special stock pricing please contact one of our sales representative.

The Tuff Truck Bag – The Easy Solution For Pick-Up Truck Storage
It’s big, but it’s lightweight. Measuring at 40″ x 50″ x 22″ (26 cubic feet of storage) the Tuff Truck Bag has enough room to hold anything you want to throw in it, and is much easier to use than permanent truck bed covers or caps. All Tuff Truck Bags are made from waterproof, heavy duty, non-breathable PVC material and all seams are water-tight sealed using heat fusion and epoxy. The lightweight material is collapsible for easy storage and also comes with an easy storage tote bag. Tuff Truck Bags can even be used in conjunction with traditional pickup truck boxes to maximize storage space. The perfect truck accessory for anyone who loves their truck!