A new executive order signed by US President Joe Biden wants to make his government’s stance on vehicle emissions very, very clear: We’re on the right side of this fight.

The order, which aims to reduce emissions across government operations and increase investment in clean energy, includes provisions that will gradually phase out the acquisition of gasoline-powered vehicles by the US government.

The US government is aiming for 100% of its light-duty vehicle purchases made up of zero-emission models by 2027. By 2030, the goal is to have all of its vehicle purchases to have zero emissions.

This executive order will shift the US government’s fleet of around 600,000 vehicles towards more sustainable operations. This, together with a similar transition for government buildings and spending, hopes to reduce the government’s greenhouse gas emissions by 65% come 2030.

“Today’s executive action is a part of the President’s broader commitment to increasing investments in America’s manufacturing industries and workers to build back our country better,” a White House press release reads.

“By transforming how the federal government builds, buys, and manages its assets and operations, the federal government will support the growth of America’s clean energy and clean technology industries, while accelerating America’s progress toward achieving a carbon pollution-free electricity sector by 2035.”