Launched back in 1999, the Kia Carnival is now transitioning to its fourth generation featuring a significantly different character as it’s no longer billed as a minivan. Unveiled today in India, the “Recreational Vehicle” adopts rugged styling cues derived from crossovers in a bid to lure in customers who prefer the extra practicality of a minivan that can’t be found in an SUV. Speaking of which, it’s essentially based on the same platform used by the Seltos.

You are not alone in thinking the headlights and taillights resemble those of the latest Sportage, while the chunky plastic cladding on the wheel arches denotes the newly gained outdoorsy profile of the Carnival. Its almost flat roofline maximizes headroom inside the cabin where the vehicle will be offered with either six or seven seats. The former configuration will boast captain’s chairs for the middle row.

It measures 4540 millimeters (178.7 inches) long, 1800 mm (71 in) wide, and 1700 mm (67 in) tall, with a wheelbase stretching at 2780 mm (109.4 in) – the longest in its segment. That makes it a smidge bigger than its predecessor in terms of overall length, but the distance between the axles has greatly increased to enable a more spacious interior. It’s about as wide as the model it replaces while being quite a bit taller.

Not only the exterior has been redesigned from the ground up, but the cabin is also drastically different. It looks far more modern and takes after recent Kia models by combining a fully digital driver’s display with a 10.25-inch touchscreen for the infotainment system. You still have separate controls for the climate settings, along with quick access to other functions thanks to traditional buttons.