Kawasaki has announced an all-new lineup of oils for its motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, and Jet Ski personal watercraft. The formulations for motorcycles are all-new and focused on best-protecting Kawasaki engines. The ATV, UTV, and Jet Skis oil lines are updated to exceed JASO and API standards. Here’s a quick rundown of the new Kawasaki Performance Oils for motorcycles:

KPO Full Synthetic 4-Stroke Oil

This oil is designed for the most demanding applications, including redline-bumping revs, brutal heat, and shivering cold. According to a Kawasaki insider, the Full Synthetic 4-Stroke oil has “dual friction technology.” That means low friction in the engine, while providing triple the JASO MA2 requirement for clutch friction. Kawasaki also claims excellent clutch feel and improved clutch durability.

KPO Semi-Synthetic 4-Stroke Oil

This mix of synthetic and petroleum-based lubricants is for everyday use. Kawasaki tells us that the Semi-Synthetic delivers “optimum engine lubrication over a wide range of temperatures and operating conditions, superior engine and bearing wear protection is delivered and a prolonged engine life is achieved through engine cleanliness and reduced oil volatility.”

KPO Conventional 4-Stroke Oil

If you want to save some money, KPO Conventional mixes additives into a high-quality base oil. The Conventional oil is claimed to keep the motor clean and prevent piston rings from getting stuck in the cylinder. Camshaft wear reduction is also a focus of this oil. It can be had in 10W-30, 10W-40, and 20W-50 weights.

KPO Semi-Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil

Unless you ride off-road, you might forget the Kawasaki still produces motorcycles with two-stroke engines. The KPO Semi-Synthetic 2-Stroke oil works in oil injection systems, or it can be mixed directly in the gas. Kawasaki has designed the oil to keep the motor clean, fight corrosion, and reduce hot spots. Ash-less detergents are deployed to extend engine life in high-demand racing conditions.

The KPO ATV/UTV Oil 4-stroke Oil is also available in Full Synthetic and Semi-Synthetic formulas. Kawasaki personal watercraft get KPO Jet Ski Watercraft Oil. There is a full-synthetic oil for four-stroke Jet Skis, as well as one for Jet Skis powered by a two-stroke motor.

Kawasaki dealers will start stocking the new Kawasaki Performance Oils in April.