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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Dealer with 1120 Distributing. 1120 Distributing is a two step wholesale distributor that does not sell to individuals or retail customers. The company values its relationships with others entities and never has its sights set on the short term. Although the company has had immense growth in a short time period, 1120 Distributing follows a more selective distribution model than a lot of its competitors. This distribution method allows choosing its dealers by criteria that are mainly qualitative. It consequently ensures commercialization that benefits the brands it carries. Selective distribution is useful as it refuses to sell to dealers that do no comply with certain qualifications. At the request of numerous manufacturers the company is not currently accepting any e-commerce applicants.

Please fill out an app to attempt starting an account with 1120 Distributing. Once the application is completed a representative will contact you to get more information and to ensure that your business qualifies to open an account. The process may be lengthy but it is necessary for the protection of brands the company chooses to distribute. 1120 supports ethical business practices and expects anyone that uses its platform to adhere to its policies and procedures. 1120 Distributing’s goal is always to establish, maintain, and nurture a long-term relationship that benefits all parties.

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