Marine fast charging network, Aqua superPower, announced a strategic alliance with electric boat manufacturer X Shore to promote market adoption through the expansion of marine infrastructure. As Aqua superPower’s first ambassador, X Shore will connect to the latter’s superchargers at boat shows and installations.

Aqua superPower describes itself as the first fully marine-specific dockside network of fast chargers for electric boats. Aqua’s network has connected software and an accessible app to 150 kW superchargers, specifically engineered and rated for use in marine environments.

The marine fast charging network began expanding its footprint earlier this year with the help of its new partner Tritium, a DCFC hardware and software manufacturer. With a technology partner onboard, Aqua superPower has also added a noted electric boat brand in X Shore.

X Shore is a Swedish climate technology company and electric boar manufacturer founded in 2016 – its model Eelex 8000 electric boat in particular has received a number of awards and helped propel the company as one of the leading names in luxury zero emissions boats.

Last year, X Shore expanded out of Europe into North America, while simultaneously setting up local assembly on US soil this year. With all-electric boats on two continents, X Shore now looks to plug in wherever Aqua superPower has one of its chargers.

X Shore electric boats: Powered by Aqua superPower
Via a press release from Aqua superPower, the two companies announced their strategic alliance to promote their common mission to reduce the impact of boating emissions on the marine environment. Together, the companies will travel across Europe and North America to demonstrate the ecosystem required to truly expand marine e-mobility for all parties, whether its boat builders, marinas, or consumers.

X Shore believes that the transition to electric boats can be accelerated by the expansion of marine charging technology, offering enhanced convenience for marinas and boats alike. X Shore CEO, Jenny Keisu, elaborated:

At X Shore we rely on, and trust in, industry collaborations. Partnership is the new leadership, and we need to collaborate in order to speed up the green transition. This is why we team up with Aqua superPower. They have extensive experience in creating reliable cloud-based public charging networks and their rapid progress in building marine charging corridors will have an accelerated effect on the much-needed shift to electric boats.

As terms of its new alliance, Aqua superPower will supply its marine superchargers for X Shore’s boats to plug into at various international boat shows and marine events. In turn, X Shore will bring its electric boats to locations Aqua superPower is installing its DC chargers. Alex Bamberg, CEO of Aqua superPower, also spoke:

Our strategic alliance with X Shore is an important step in Aqua superPower collaborating with leading electric boat makers and industry partners on driving and developing marine fast charging interoperability, safety and compatibility standards. Electric boats and watercraft are here now, and they require the charging infrastructure we provide, with our dedicated marine fast charge network. We are delighted to work with X Shore as ambassadors and partners in our Aqua superPower-endorsed affiliate program that is designed to bring users reliable, fast and easy charging along Aqua superPower’s marine charging corridors.